About us

Varco in Italian is a way through or along which someone or something may pass or simply as a Passage in English. We offer ourselves as this Transaction to Transformation passage, where our engagement with you is a value creation journey from one stage to the other.

VARCO was set up to be a growth and value contributor to its clients and partners globally, by innovation and quality, across the industries we engage with.

Our aim has been to be a Services company with an overseas footprint , driven to lead in customer experience for the services space we operate in, create growth and value for all stakeholders and act responsibly for a sustainable environment.


Be a key enabler in global business and human capital by providing strategy, support and services across markets, where we may operate, driven by future trends and market demand.

Our goals are to help you address the strategic, operational, regulatory....


VAR-CO represents our core principles:


We are committed to operate with and create value for our clients, partners, stakeholders and our ecosystem.


We understand that businesses are about the creation of assets, both tangible and intangible. We view our engagement with you as participants in your asset creation process and journey.


We believe that we need to operate as knowledge and quality oriented resources for all our clients and partners, and participate in shaping their progress with all integrity.

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