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Strategy formation is a demanding process. Having one is hard, pursuing it is harder.

    Business Strategy

Challenges and solutions vary depending on the life cycle stage of the business. It takes careful and studied planning and rigour to introduce a successful strategic change or course correction.

World over, capital markets have evolved in a manner, where the pursuit of strategy requires greater determination and courage. The single-minded pursuit of short term shareholder value, has the potential to enormously constrain strategy and long term value creation. Businesses and entities depend on strategy, the merits and strengths of which are only as good as the customers response to the proposition.

Besides, for several sectors and economies, a tough regulatory environment could mean looking for alternative paths for growth.

Typical challenges may be:

  • Lacking in attention to likely trends and indicators, therefore not proactive enough in resetting the strategic direction
  • Focus on marketing strategy thereby misreading the risks to business strategy
  • Lack of strategy formation itself

Therefore in a global context, should competitive space or the value chain define and lead strategy? .

  • The value chain is the principal tool to delineate the geographic boundaries of competition, to determine how local or how global that business is .
  • For a local business, every local area will require a complete and largely separate value chain .
  • Whereas for a global business, the value chain can be shared across countries .

We are here to listen, engage and work with you to find solutions to business issues or review and help execute the future direction which energises your business.

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  Business Transformation

The solutions may lie in the Org Structure, the Business Model, the Products/Services or Distribution, Systems & Processes, Markets you operate in, IT Strategy and analytics, etc.

Every sector is cyclical in its economic behaviour. This behaviour has dependencies in response to the eco system it operates in. These may range from disruptions in the competitive space, the state of the economy, Regulatory changes, consumer behaviour, changing business models etc.

At times the cycle works brilliantly for a business to lift the outlook, at other times the contractions in the financials cause pressures for continuity.

The reasons for this may be several. But then, how and when does a business look for the signs to re-think ? The first signs usually lie in the business financials and customer analytics.

Symptoms and foctors may be several, example:

  • Tough new competition
  • Changing Customer expectations
  • Security and regulatory pressures
  • Process evolution and revolution
  • Acquisitions and divestment
  • Talent Management
  • Operating fundamentals and transformation threshold.

We engage with you to study your business and help Re-think and Rework the Business. We go the distance in this pursuit of an altered direction.

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  Building for Scale

It can be an intensive process to re-code the path to Build for Scale and Scaling up.

What do companies do after they hit success at any stage in businesses? Stay incremental, exit, or grow? It is a tough task for companies to managing being scalable and manage tactical challenges at the same time. It will require doing few or several things simultaneously to reach the next phase of growth.

It may be about your next phase of logical inorganic growth or exploring new markets and new business or revenue lines.

The challenges to scale or the process of scaling up depends on various factors like stage and size of business, sector it operates in, markets and geographies, capital requirements, management structure, talent requirement, legal aspects influencing the business and others.

The business needs may be vary from:

  • Shifting focus from Products to Sales or vice a versa
  • Process optimization and alignments
  • Reviewing organization form and structure
  • Altering business models for expansion
  • Advice on Customer Experience and Processes
  • Capital infusion needs

We work with you through the process and through execution strategies and beyond.

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  Innovation with Services

The process for discovery, development, deliverables and distribution sometimes can be a transformative project which may include changes in proposition, systems, processes and the organization Structure.

The largest proportion of change in any sector has been the growing extant of services in the client-provider transaction.

In the ‘60’s Theodore Levitt predicted the impact the role, share and industrialization of services. He said that all businesses are about services, the proportion differs.

Businesses now behave differently in terms of how they align with the customer and the value they aim to provide. Globalization has played a critical role in the way sectors have been forced to innovate or rethink the value end of the business. With IOT (Internet of Things) and the Digital Universe, this change will be manifold.

There is an urgent need to understand, adopt and experiment in a more engaged manner to ‘innovate with services’.

The innovation may be about:

  • A new customer interaction channel
  • A distribution system
  • A service design

  • or a technological concept combing these.

    It may be designed to impact:

  • Perception of customer or beneficiary experience
  • Value of the customer experience

We work with you to understand the present or potential dynamics in your business to point at innovations with services which can cause the big change in the proposition.

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 Customer Strategy

To our mind the success of a customer Acquisition strategy is only successful on the bed rock of a sound and high quality Retention Strategy

Peter Drucker said in 1954: “The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer.”

A customer is the most valuable asset for a company. Arguably, more valuable than the company’s’ valuation, market cap or reserves. A company needs to evaluate segment or customers against its business strategy and profit pool.

For instance, if a mature B2B Business has its cost of acquisition to cause a slide in margins and cash reserves, then it’s time to think about the customer strategy. Or if a product business with a repurchase demand pattern, is suffering in a defined period, then it’s time to ask questions.

The critical purchase drivers need to be addressed to be sure it is uniquely positioned to deliver their products & services against these value drivers more effectively, consistently and profitably than competitors.

The strategy then needs to be orchestrated through every department related to the customer’s experience. The experience then needs to consistently reinforce the value. Only then can the business be sure of loyal and profitable customers.

It becomes more difficult when the customer presence and organization spread is at multiple locations, to provide a consistent customer experience.

Strategies, enablers, people development, inter-functional linkages, IT interventions, Service Standards need to be continuously reviewed to address the customer acquisition or retention strategies.

The innovation may be about:

  • A new customer interaction channel
  • A distribution system
  • A service design
  • or a technological concept combing these.

    It may be designed to impact:

  • Perception of customer or beneficiary experience
  • Value of the customer experience

We work to make your customer journey more rewarding.

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 Sales and Selling

We need to move from a function which sells to being an organization which sells.

In today’s competitive business environment the role of sales in an organization is lot more intrinsic and sophisticated.

Today it needs to respond to multiple business-critical inputs and challenges ranging from: strategic intelligence, agile markets, growing dependence on cross-functional processes, shifts in customer expectations, managing margins, an evolved supply chain and delivery modes - all have contributed to the complexity of this function.

Companies and Organizations are most times caught in a space where there is not enough attention to this critical function. Besides with the industry practices and digital reach, the role of sales or the operations may have been altered.

In early stage businesses, Sales is a shared responsibility across functions. Everyone sells. As the business grows the sales function, structures and channels become complex – the all pervasiveness of the function becomes less obvious. Conversely in large businesses, Sales risks getting confined to a functional group and sometimes removed from the rest of the organization.

Companies often deal with questions like:

  • Is our structure best equipped to respond to strategy?
  • How are we doing in setting expectations of our sales function or sales roles?
  • How aligned is are we as on organization to the sales function to maximize on all external opportunities and messaging?
  • How are we equipped with the current tools and processes required for a proactive Sales organization
  • Do we need to develop skills

We work with you to find solutions related to any part of the sales process inside and outside the company or organization.

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 Skills and Education

The challenge of first developing the skills and then to utilize them in a productive work environment requires multiple stakeholders in academia, industry and government to address with appropriate policy measures and institutional practices.

Global Growth, sustainable businesses and social development are driven by the deeper and qualitative spread of education, enhancing of skills and the elevation of competencies.

The acute shortage of educated and adequately skilled resources in growth centric sectors and geographies is today a challenge to growth and investments. The inversely proportioned job locations to manpower availability will lead to long term growth barriers. Appropriate collaborative solutions to develop and draw on global workforce availability is the need of the hour.

Closer home in India, a dearth of formalized vocational education, lack of vide variation quality, high school dropout rates, inadequate contemporized skill training capacity, negative perception towards skilling, lack of industry ready skills even in processional courses, low demand and readiness of certification for industry are some serious causes of poor skill availability of the country’s workforce.

The more visible challenge from the perspective of Industry and government is the sheer demand - supply gap. The causative factors leading into this situation of inadequacy make the solution and its implementation a very complex multistage and multi agency task. Besides, the capital availability, margins and the long recovery period requires a certain type of investment capability into the sector in general.

Our experience and understanding of the ecosystem and developments, helps us recognize the requirements.

We provide strategy, management and execution support to the skills and education chain through the Formal, Non Formal and Skills education initiatives.

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 Human Capital Consulting

Arguably the most valuable resource in organizations, are its people and more specifically the human mind and its creative spirit. True capitalization of this asset is achieved by nurturing the ‘quality of thought’ and ‘empowerment

Societies, organizations and businesses operate in an environment characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. This calls for deep and effective management of internal organizational change and more importantly in managing the human asset.

Responding to this need, we work with companies to facilitate revitalization journeys that occur at strategic intervals. Building on the strengths resident in the system, we help organizations to envision their preferred future. The actualization of the vision involves a re-appraisal of the organizational strengths, and realignment of the various roles, systems, processes and practices towards the realization of the new vision.

As the world gets used to greater levels of economic growth, the central driver has been the ability to identify, acquire, continuously develop and retain the human resource.

An increasingly diverse and inclusive workforce throws up yet another challenge for the managing teams across geographies and cultures.

We provide the capabilities across consultative, implementation and managed services to meet your process or development objectives.

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 Partnerships and M & A's

The success or failure of growth objectives may often depend on the execution of Partnerships or M&A’s in terms of management and operational integration.

Your business can be expanded by joining forces with another business. While this may create more shared decision-making and possible management and staff issues to resolve, there can be clear advantages. The scale and complexity of these issues and their resolution depends on the nature of the joint working arrangement.

Partnerships and Joint Ventures

Joint ventures and partnering can offer both partners significant benefits, including sharing experience, skills, people, equipment and customer bases. A partnership or joint venture arrangement with a complementary, non-competitive business, helps open new markets or improve your offer to existing ones.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are may be undertaken by and between companies of any vintage or size. A lot of research needs to go in to find the right target and decide how and if the proposed acquisition will meet the strategic objectives. This involves various internal functions, investment and taxation experts, commercial lawyers and considerable legal work.

Symptoms and foctors may be several, example:

  • More resources
  • Sharing of the managerial load.
  • Larger skills and talent base.
  • Bigger pool of contacts.
  • Increase and access to wider or new markets.
  • Diversification and organic growth using increased resources.
  • Reduced commercial risk.

We help you with the entire process.

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 Business Intelligence and Analytics(Big Data)

The current business environment has transformed itself from mere transaction oriented to data centric, leading to Business Intelligence and Analytics to play a crucial role; performing on voluminous, complex and real time data sets, thereby the emergence.

Big Data is not purely another technology; but to be seen as digital computing along and with the internet, taking a position as the third epoch of the Information age. In doing so it is shifting the course of corporate evolution.

With globalization, complex connections / relationships and quicker market cycle times the complexity of the corporation’s environment has increased rapidly. Hence, the journey towards the more agile, network enabled, learning based organizations that can crowd source intelligence both within and from their customer base. Every corporation is forced to grow its internal and external sensors and deal with what all it discovers. With this format organizations across have reformed from dispositional / reactive to the Big Data epoch.

Our approach in adopting Big Data incorporates the Resolve and Turn as part of the PART loop in real time, with agility and focusing on products. We offer analytical solutions offering beyond the Return on Investments on the projects viz; Corporate Intelligence.

We endeavor to move companies from a reactive position (Business Intelligence) to a forward learning position (Predictive Analytics) by harmonizing transformation of people, processes and technology.

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 Process Consulting

Processes are how things are done systematically. They are set of tasks performed to achieve certain goals. It has proficiency in building and establishing Business Processes, Corporate Processes and Operational Processes.

Once the need for the Process is defined, the systems get built to enable the process/s. If they are already in place then continuous improvement helps in handoffs in various possible ways depending up on the state and nature of business.

Aligning with accreditation agencies helps in the preparation of Certifications namely; like ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005, ISO 20000, ITIL best practices for ITSM & its corresponding standard ISI/IEC 20000, IRIS, TL9000, AS9100C.

Our expertise in COBIT, Val-IT, Risk-IT and CMMI for Software and Services along with championing process improvement initiatives through Six-Sigma methodologies improve on the process capability of business processes. We help with the implementation of project management practices as per PMI’s PMBOK guidelines and standards.

Organization's require Processes for a variety of reasons which essentially may be around:

  • Compliances
  • Operational Needs
  • Managing Risks
  • Continuous Improvement
We help institutions on Quality improvements, Process audits and establishing standards.
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